The Project:

When we decided to build a tiny house, we began researching and discovered that there was no YouTube-based series that showed a build from start to finish. So we thought we would make one! The build is still in-progress and we’re making videos as we go.

We designed every inch of the house from scratch to be sure that it would meet our needs. After completing the structure, we put together a Sketchup Tutorial Package which is available HERE. The Sketchup project file on its own is also available for download by donation. If you have found our videos/website/Sketchup useful, we would really appreciate some monetary support! With enough support, we would love to keep producing tiny house resources, possibly host workshops, or even build houses for other people… we’re open to future possibilities!

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Kiva & Jake:

We are a Canadian couple living on Vancouver Island in BC. The Tiny Nest project started out as a conversation in 2012 after watching a documentary on tiny homes. The dream has become a reality for us since we were able to save up some money, move to Kiva’s family farm in July of 2014, and begin building. We live here with our dog Ben and our horse Boone, but the list of animals seems to keep growing! We plan to keep the house on the property, where we hope to continue working within the tiny house movement in some capacity, as well as contribute to the growth of the family farm.

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Kiva & Jake

-updated March 2016