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Our SketchUp tutorial is a 6-hour video series that starts with the basics of using SketchUp, moves on to simple tiny house layouts, and finishes with the dissection and manipulation of our Tiny Nest design.
We’ve worked directly with Iron Eagle to produce highly accurate models of their tiny house trailers. Now, those who wish to follow the same path that we did, can skip this important first step and get straight to designing the house!
Have a look at this video to get an idea of what’s included:

Here’s a demo of how to make best use of this resource:


SketchUp 2016 has some upgrades to the user interface and inferencing. We’ve made an UPDATE VIDEO about trays, and THIS OFFICIAL VIDEO gives an overview of the additions to the inferencing system.

SketchUp 2017 has some additional tweaks and improvements that you should catch up on in THIS OFFICIAL VIDEO

Tutorial FAQ

Q: Do I need to buy SketchUp Pro?
A: No, everything shown in the videos and example files uses the free version, SketchUp Make.
Q: Is this compatible with Mac?
A: Yes, the tutorial was recorded on a Windows PC, but SketchUp is available for Mac, and is nearly identical.
Q: Are you affiliated with SketchUp in any way?
A: No, we are simply sharing the experience and knowledge that we gained throughout our own tiny house project.
Q: How will I watch the tutorial?
A: Your purchase receipt will send you to the streaming watch-page. There is also an option to download the video files.

Additional Trailer Info

The standard width from flange-to-flange is 100 inches. All of our SketchUp models are made to this specification. However, if a narrower trailer is needed for your design (to allow for more siding, or an overhang) please Contact Us, and we can provide a model of any of the following widths: 90, 93, 94, 96, 98.
All of the options for the trailers are separated by layers. This makes it easy to toggle their visibility while designing. The options are:
Galvanized Bottom Pan
Fender Flashing
Leveling Jacks
The leveling jacks are not welded to the frame, and can be removed for travel. The tongue jack can also be un-pinned and turned 90-degrees.
Further documentation in PDF format (including 2016 pricing) is bundled into the download. Don’t forget about OUR DISCOUNT!
Please let us know if you find any defects in the models!

Introducing our new collaborative 3D model, the Cider Box tiny house!

Originally designed & built by Shelter Wise, with plans available from PAD Tiny Houses, and now this 3D model by Tiny Nest.

>>> <<<

Download just the SketchUp project file (by donation):


Name your price $

We designed every inch of this 3D model from scratch and used it as our building plans.
It’s not certified or engineered in any way, but we hope you find it helpful, and we appreciate any monetary support you can give us!
Our donation system uses PayPal and has no minimum requirement.

Check out an example of what one of our users created:


One of our early followers (Chris Cook from Media, PA) has made his very own detailed tiny house model by starting with the Tiny Nest design and modifying it. Click HERE to check it out!