This page is where the public lot will be (currently under construction)

Below is a list of relevant VR gear on Amazon:

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Demos created from photos captured at the Tiny House Living Festival:

Tiny Idahomes (tiny)

Irie (van)

Dan the Adventure Bus (schoolie)

Lil’ Red (micro)

Aris the Hippie Teardrop (micro)

New Creation Tiny Homes (tiny)

Real Wood Tiny Homes 1 (tiny)

Real Wood Tiny Homes 2 (tiny)

Real Wood Tiny Homes 3 (tiny)

Valerie (schoolie)

Wood Iron Tiny Homes (tiny)

Zero (van)

Zyl Vardos (tiny)

Demos created for testing at the Tiny House Living Festival:

The Cider Box (tiny, SketchUp)

The Tiny Nest (tiny, in-progress)

The Tiny Nest (tiny, SketchUp)

The Itty Bitty (tiny, SketchUp framing)

Michael’s concept (tiny, SketchUp in-progress)