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2014 (919 photos)
2015 (1065 photos)
2016 [up to Feb. 26th] (139 photos)
Trailer Details [March 24th 2015] (12 photos)
Trailer Details
Walls Before Insulation [May 30th 2015] (154 photos)
Walls Before Insulation

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  • Michelle

    Hi Kiva, congrats! Jim & I have been living in our 480 sq foot home for 6 years now. Since our monthly bills are so cheap (phone is $50, land taxes don’t exceed $300) we don’t need to work full time. We grow a summer market garden to keep our winter travelling habit afloat and enjoy a great life. We’ve lived aboard several boats, so gleaning the small-space know-how was easy: Every morning we walk to our well and draw 20L, sling one below the sink and use our foot-pump for washing water. We have 560 watts of solar panels, which doesn’t provide electricity enough for a fridge…so we don’t have a fridge. Our house has south facing windows and we have room enough for a wee Waterford Stanley cookstove. Nothing fancy. Very few moving parts/technology to break down. No car. Two Ebikes, and yes, that’s how we deliver to our farm market and our restaurant customers. It’s so quiet at our place, you could hear a mouse fart…id a mouse could get in. Which it can’t. Carry on!

  • katie

    Hi tiny house people!! I bought a camper yesterday and will start my tiny house project next month. I am eager and motivated any input, books or advice will be appreciated.

  • Jack

    Kiva and Jake

    great video series and web site .. very detailed, and informative for what your doing and going thru in your Tiny Home quest .. also good to see your family is supporting you

    i’ve been thru your video series so far and impatient for the rest to happen .. doing the video may slow you down, but it’s great for us (us .. planning our own TH quest) .. keep up the good work


    • TIny Nest Post author

      Thanks a lot 😀

      It has definitely been a lot more work, but we are really enjoying the process and feedback we’ve had on YouTube.


  • haunted1a326

    Wonderful ideas. I am subscribed and anxiously awaiting your future posts. I hope to some how be able to do this same thing on a much smaller budget. Any advice?

    • TIny Nest Post author

      Thanks for your interest in the project 🙂

      Many people save money by using reclaimed materials. We don’t have experience with this, mainly because it takes a lot more time to scavenge for it, but if that’s not a problem for you then it’s probably worth it. We wouldn’t recommend getting a cheap/used trailer and modifying it, since it can turn into a safety issue, and all we ever hear about that is that it’s a LOT more work than it seems.

      Good luck with your project!

  • Eric

    Great videos guys. I’m thinking about following in your footsteps in building a shed-style TH. But I’d like your feedback on an idea. I’m thinking of raising the floor 16~18″ to add some storage underfoot (appx. 250 cubed feet of storage) The storage will be accessible via removable floor panels. Thoughts?

    • TIny Nest Post author

      Thanks for getting in touch with us.

      It’s really up to you in terms of how to allocate the space inside the house. If you think you need that kind of storage, I think an under-floor solution could be really cool. You just have to keep in mind how much interior height you will lose by raising the floor. I would recommend making some kind of mock-up to see how it will work, and of course, we used Sketchup so I would recommend that.

      Kiva & Jake

  • Carlo


    Are you guys going to post how you set up the electrical and interior finishing? Also, what is your take on using a chainsaw mill for lumber?


    • TIny Nest Post author

      Electrical is coming up soon, and we are working on finishing the inside right now.

      Not entirely sure what a chainsaw mill is 😛

    • TIny Nest Post author

      We used a company called Iron Eagle Trailers. They are based in Portland OR, but I believe they are now shipping all over the place. We are really happy with ours, and have been talking about getting people a discount if they say Tiny Nest sent them 😉 so make sure to mention us if you talk to them! (ask for Rob)

    • TIny Nest Post author

      Washer/Dryer? We’ve allocated a lot of space to our kitchen, so it a washer/dryer was essential, we could repurpose some of the cabinet space.

  • neil

    I loved watching your video’s. cant wait to see more and see the finished product. you should try to get on thay new show Tiny House, Big Living on HGTV.

      • Kelly Moriarty Evans

        Hello Fellow Canadian! I have just started following the Tiny House Movement and searching online for all “Tiny House”, but not so much in my area in Ontario. I have actually sent an application to Smart Community Ontario in Kingston but not reply yet, so not sure if they do not think we’re “community” material? Although, I did say we do not want to move to Kingston area, but still waiting for a reply from them as I would like to learn how to start a Smart Community in my local city. Anyway, regarding HGTV Tiny House Big Living, I read that applicants had to be located in the US? If you two get on the show that would be great exposure to the Canadian market for the Tiny House Movement! I really like what I’ve seen of your videos so far and look forward to seeing the finished interior and design. Great work on the Tiny Nest…:)

        • TIny Nest Post author

          Keep up the pressure out east ;D

          We are actually in touch with a few people at HGTV and there’s a decent chance that we will end up on one of their programs at some point, but nothing is official yet. We’ll make sure to say that the movement is growing up here with equal enthusiasm as the US.


  • Paul

    Kiva and Jake, I want to congratulate you on your tiny house. I’m excited for you both. I can’t wait to start working on ours. I also, want to thank you for your time and effort to bring us the opportunity to see your house in progress. Thanks for the details. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your build.

  • Kevin/Kim

    Hello, We are currently living in Prince Rupert but are wanting to move to the Island in the summer 2016. How does one go about finding property for a tiny home. We’d be satisfied anywhere between Campbell River, Duncan/Lake Cowichan. My wife is a French Teacher, I’m an electrician with building experience. Where is the best place to find a trailer suitable to build on?

    Your place looks lovely!! We’re tired of the big houses! Thanks for your time..Kev

    • TIny Nest Post author

      We were very lucky to have family property to build/live on out here, so we didn’t have to engage in a hunt for a location. It depends if you are looking to buy land or just pay someone to place it on their property. For the latter, I would try to get the word out through your social media and friends that you are looking for a spot and want to pay to park it… it’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone who owns suitable land.

      A fellow electrician! We’ve just started posting our electrical videos, you should have a look 😉

      We are very biased towards Iron Eagle Trailers from Portland OR, because of how well ours worked out, despite the need to import it. We’ve been in touch with them since, and now have a deal where people can get a small discount if you mention that Tiny Nest sent you 😀

  • Pat Dunham

    I have been following your progress, it is great and love the recent picture of your dog stretched out in his space. I know you are attending the Jamboree as am I. I don’t know anyone from my area attending so am reaching out to a few people to see if anyone knows of any attendees who are looking to room share and or ride share. I am looking forward to meeting you both.

    • TIny Nest Post author

      We will be flying in and out, got it all booked up and planned for some easy travels 🙂 looking forward to meeting you!
      Ben = beast-mode

  • Wilber Peebody

    I hope that you two are planing on pulling your tiny house to the festival in Portland. I love the fact that your build is the only tiny house on wheels I’ve ever seen that’s built to over the top, above and beyond anything structurally that’s being sold or has been sold for the last six years that I’ve been researching tiny houses on wheels.

    • TIny Nest Post author

      Unfortunately, we won’t be bringing the Tiny Nest on a ferry AND across the border, it’s just too much doing 😛
      BUT, we will have another way for you to visit our home… you’ll have to come find us to learn how!