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Ask for the Tiny Nest discount to GET $50 OFF an Iron Eagle Trailer!


We are genuinely happy to recommend Iron Eagle Trailers. Watch the two feature videos below (and our entire building series!) to see how specialized and easy-to-work-with the trailer is. The feature videos show how the design has been made even better since the version that we used!

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Tiny House Decisions
Ethan Waldman is another independent tiny home builder who designed and built his own tiny house. He has put together an e-book called Tiny House Decisions, which takes a comprehensive look at all the choices one will have to make when planning for their own tiny home. The book covers a broad range of topics such as whether or not you should hire help, new vs salvaged, the pros and cons of different building materials, and more. We reviewed the book after almost finishing our build, and found it very informative on all fronts. It would be great for someone who is in the planning stages of a tiny house build! We are happy to recommend this product, plus offer 30% off by using the discount code TINYNEST.
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Early on, we attended a Tumbleweed workshop and got their building DVD, both of which were helpful resources:

Tumbleweed workshop
Tumbleweed DVD
The SolarPuff is a unique lighting product.
Battery-powered and solar-charged, it’s a great option for off-grid and atmospheric applications.

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